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2 Effective Tips For Choosing A Construction Waste Removal Company

Construction and demolition waste is inorganic. This waste is also deadly to the ecosystem and comes in large volumes. Therefore, typical construction workers cannot handle this kind of waste management. They will need specialized equipment and training if they should take on the task. 

The training and equipment will cost the project time and money, thus raising the overall cost of construction. Therefore, you should hire a reliable construction waste removal service to dispose of your waste.

Here are two tips to help you choose a construction waste removal company. 

1. Effective Waste Segregation

Before you consider contacting a waste removal company, it is advisable to devise a system that separates the different kinds of waste. First, educate the workers on how to sort the waste into different categories.

Common types of waste at a construction site include wood, glass, plastic, paint, cement, insulation materials, and bituminous mixtures such as tar. Some may be hazardous and thus requires experts in construction waste removal.

These categories should also include reusable and non-reusable waste. For instance, you can repurpose old windows and doors from a demolition site instead of throwing them away.

After sorting, contact the waste removal company and debrief them on the system. They will therefore be in a position to allocate the correct number of resources (such as construction waste dumpsters) needed for the waste management of your site. This step will also reduce the waste hauling fees for your construction. A good waste removal company will work and improve your system for better waste management.

2. Proper Environmental Certifications

As a waste producer, you should know how your waste management company disposes of your waste. Recycling is essential when disposing of waste. And more waste producers are now focusing on it. Thus, you should select the most eco-friendly option for your construction site because the waste produced poses a great danger to the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency has put in place measures for proper waste disposal that should be followed by anyone handling waste. Some of the waste is categorized as hazardous because it is risky to people, animals, and the general environment when mismanaged. If your construction waste removal company has the proper credentials, they comply with federal waste disposal regulations.

Common hazardous construction waste includes asbestos, lead compounds, and other heavy metals. A competent construction waste removal company will help you handle and manage these kinds of waste while following government directives on waste disposal.

Also, the waste carrier should demonstrate its competency by providing its waste carrier license and any other relevant certifications.

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