Keeping Your Business and Home Clean

4 Tips For Disinfecting Your Office

If you have employees in your office right now, you need to make sure you are keeping the space as clean as possible. A clean office will help prevent the spread of disease among your staff and customers. To keep your workplace clean, you need to know how to disinfect your office correctly.

1. Use a One-Way Wipe Down System

When you are wiping things down and cleaning surfaces, you will want to go in one direction. For example, if you are wiping off a railing, you should take the wipe and run it up the railing to clean it. You should not then take the wipe and run it back down the railing. Running the same rag back down the same surface can redeposit germs that you just removed. When wiping off surfaces, use the one-way wipe system not to spread germs.

2. Use Color-Coded Clothes

When it comes to the cleaning cloths that you use, engage in a color-coded system. For example, you could use blue clothes to clean the office kitchen, green clothes for the bathroom, and yellow clothes for the common area. Using different colored clothes will help avoid cross-contamination as you are cleaning. Wash each set of clothes after using them once to clean so that you don't redistribute germs. A color-coding system can also be used to ensure that each room is cleaned, as one can check the rags they have used so far to prove all the spaces have been adequately cleaned. 

3. Clean Up Tech Items

One of the things touched the most in a modern office is the tech items, such as the mouse, keyboard, power button on the monitor, tablets, and phones. When cleaning the office, be sure to wipe down these items. Also, provide all your employees with a package of wipes for tech items, and require your employees to wipe down all tech items a couple of times throughout the day. Replenish these wipes. Keeping tech items clean can help reduce the spread of germs.

4. Use Disinfectants

When cleaning surfaces, ensure that germs are fully eliminated. Be sure you are cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants that can kill viruses such as the flu virus and the new novel coronavirus. You need to use strong disinfectants to kill these types of germs on all surfaces.

You don't have to take on the task of disinfecting your office on your own. You can hire a professional cleaning service that can offer hospital-grade level disinfection services and keep your office a safe and clean environment for all who enter it. Contact a disinfection service for more information.

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