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Advice For Having Carpets Cleaned In An Small Store

While carpet may not be the best flooring option for a store, some small stores do have commercial-grade carpeting on the floor. It can be a good option for some small boutiques and specialty shops that want to evoke a soft, calm persona. One challenge, however, will be keeping the carpet clean. In most cases, you will be best off having a commercial carpet cleaning company come clean the carpets every few months. Here are some tips to help you with this service. 

Schedule the cleaning the day before your store is closed

Commercial carpet cleaning equipment extracts most of the water from the carpet after cleaning, which means your carpet should not take more than a day to dry. However, you will not want anyone to walk on it while it is still drying. If they do walk on it, any dirt that they track in will stick to the carpet. So, make sure you schedule your cleaning appointment the day before your store is closed. If you're closed on Saturdays, for example, you should have the carpet cleaned on Friday. This way, the carpet will be fully dry before customers walk over it.

Vacuum before the cleaning session

Some carpet cleaning companies will vacuum the carpet for you before they start the deep cleaning. Others expect you, as the store owner or manager to take this step. Ask your carpet cleaning company whether they vacuum. If they do not, make sure you set aside time to thoroughly vacuum the carpet prior to the cleaning appointment. With all of the loose hair and debris removed from the carpet before the cleaning, the cleaning will be more effective at reaching the deep-down dirt, resulting in more impressive results.

Arrange the store so it is easy to move things off the carpet

You don't want to have to take down numerous shelves or move dozens of displays every time you have your carpets cleaned. So, make sure you arrange the store in a way that makes it easy to reach and clean the carpets. This might mean putting all of your displays on wheels so you can easily push them to the side. Or, it might mean putting heavier items on the non-carpeted part of your floor.

Follow the tips above, and you'll have an easier time keeping the carpets in your small store clean. Reach out to a local cleaning company to learn more.

Reach out to a local commercial carpet cleaning service for more info.

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