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Tips for Removing Pet Urine Odor from Your Home

If you have a problem with pet urine odor in your home, you'll want to get rid of it ASAP. Follow these tips to get rid of it for good.

Clean Up Urine ASAP

Even if you are already dealing with the smell of pet urine in your home, it is still important that you clean up fresh urine stains as soon as possible. If you leave the urine to sit, the bacteria that cause the bad odor will begin growing. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to clean up. 

Use a Pet Stain Cleaner

As tempting as it may be to try to clean pet urine with the standard cleaning products that you have in your home, it's important that you first try to use a cleaning solution specifically geared toward cleaning pet urine. These cleaning solutions are formulated to break down specific enzymes found in the urine. Breaking down the enzymes will also make it easier to clean up the mess.

Try Alternative Homemade Cleaning Solutions

If you need to act quickly and do not have a pet stain cleaner on hand, use a solution made of water and white vinegar. All you have to do is create a mixture that contains equal amounts of each, and let the stain soak in the solution for several minutes before you clean up the area.

Another method involves sprinkling baking soda on an area that has pet urine on it. The baking soda will work by absorbing the odor-causing enzymes. After it's had a little time to work, you can then remove the baking soda and urine mixture. 

Use an Ozone Generator

Ozone generators work by releasing ozone gas into the air, which has a neutralizing effect on odors. It may be worth having one on hand if your pet frequently has accidents in the home, or you can rent one from a local home improvement store if you are performing a massive clean-up job. 

Seek Professional Help if Necessary

If you have a big job that you are struggling to clean on your own, it may be worth bringing in a professional cleaning company that specializes in pet urine odor removal. Professionals often have access to products and cleaning equipment that most homeowners simply don't own and can't rent. So if your odor issue is larger than you are prepared to deal with on your own, calling in a cleaning service is the right move.

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