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The Top 3 Benefits Of Professional Residential Carpet Floor Cleaning

What are the benefits of residential carpet floor cleaning? Even though you vacuum and spot clean, daily DIY methods aren't a substitute for periodic professional floor care services. Whether you just installed new carpeting or you've had your rugs for years, take a look at the top reasons to schedule a residential cleaning right now.

Professional Cleaning Can Extend Your Carpet's Life

The average lifespan of a residential carpet ranges from eight to 10 years, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). But this doesn't mean you will have to re-carpet your home at the end of a decade. It also doesn't mean your flooring will make it to its tenth birthday without serious damage or wear and tear.

If you want to make the most out of your home's flooring and keep your carpets for as long as possible, schedule regular cleaning services. Over time the dust that settles on top of the carpet's fibers and dirt that you, other household members, guests, or pets track in can stain your flooring. The longer dust and dirt sit on your carpet, the more likely it is that these types of debris will sink deeper into the fibers. 

Even though you may not notice spots or streaks right away, your carpets may start to look lifeless or worn. A professional residential carpet cleaning service removes more than what your vacuum can grab. This type of cleaning goes deep into the fibers, removing residual debris and buildup.

Professional Cleaning Can Reduce Allergies

Dust and dirt aren't the only types of debris that can coat and sink into your carpet's fibers. Allergens that circulate around your home can land on, and get trapped in, the carpeting.

Are you or a household member allergic to pets, dust mites, pollen, or any other type of environmental trigger? While daily maintenance (such as vacuuming) can help to reduce the allergens on your floors, this DIY approach isn't always enough to stop you from sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. The deep cleaning of a professional service can remove allergic triggers and leave you with a fresh, sanitized interior space.

Professional Cleaning Can Change the Smell of Your Home

Does your home have a stale, musty, or odd odor? Have you changed the garbage can liner, cleaned the bathrooms, sanitized the kitchen, and spot-cleaned just about everything else in your house? It's possible the offending odor is coming from your floors.

Over time residuals from food/beverage stains, trapped debris, and scents your carpet absorbs can start to smell foul. A professional cleaning service removes the cause of the odors, eliminates mustiness, and can freshen your home's interior air.

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