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How Professional Carpet Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

If your home feels stuffy lately, your carpets may be in need of a professional cleaning. When a carpet hasn't been cleaned properly in a while, it begins to affect the air quality around it. Since carpets can easily pick up dirt, dust, and other undesirable elements, they have a negative impact on air quality if you don't clean them.

If you haven't cleaned your carpet for months or even longer, you may need the services of a carpet cleaning company. With their help, you can improve the quality of the air in your home.

Carpets act like air filters

Carpets act in a similar way to the air filters in an air conditioner in that they can trap pollutants and allergens that enter your home. In the early stages, this is a good thing. Your carpet may help to improve air quality as long as you continue to vacuum every day and clean your carpet regularly.

However, if you let dust, debris, and other pollutants build up in the fibers of your carpet, your footsteps will cause dust and dirt to fill the air every time you walk on it. This will leave your home feeling stuffy.

Additionally, because carpets can contain pollen, chemical residue, soil, and even cigarette smoke, they can cause allergic reactions in asthma and rhinitis sufferers. Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning can deal with this problem.

Carpet cleaning services use powerful vacuum cleaners

Most carpet cleaning companies will first with a vacuum before they begin the deep cleaning process. And these vacuum cleaners are much more powerful than your average vacuum cleaner. The industrial vacuum cleaners used by carpet cleaning services can suck up most of the dirt that lies trapped within your carpets.

However, even after the vacuuming process, some dirt and dust will remain buried deep within the fibers of your carpet. That's why the deep cleaning process comes next.

Professional carpet cleaning kills bacteria and mold

The two most common carpet-cleaning methods for removing deeply embedded dirt are steam and dry cleaning. Steam utilizes hot water vapor and is an effective system for killing bacteria and mold. Dry cleaning uses a low-moisture system that brushes a cleaning compound into carpets to cleanse and clean.

If you are short on time, dry cleaning may be suitable for you since dry cleaned carpets dry in about 30 minutes; whereas steam-cleaned carpets may take up to 24 hours to dry fully. To learn more, contact a company like Gilmore Carpet Cleaning.

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