Keeping Your Business and Home Clean

Tips To Help You Get Excellent Cleaning For All Parts Of Your Office

You create the first impression in your clients' and business associates' minds based on your business premises' appearance. If the premises are in excellent condition, your clients will want to engage further with your business. On the other hand, people might find you repulsive if your premises are dusty, with stains on the carpets and cobwebs on the walls. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company is the first step toward ensuring that your premises are in excellent condition. 

However, you need to follow up with the cleaning company to ensure that they are carrying out their role well. Here is a checklist that will help you get the best service from the cleaners. 

Checking the Foyer and Reception Area

This is the face of your office. You should make sure it is in excellent condition at all times. When dealing with a cleaning company, ask for more than just the office janitor's routine dusting. If you have a carpet, ensure that the cleaners steam clean it. The professionals should also clean the glass on the doors and the windows. They should also vacuum all the upholstery in the waiting area and ensure nothing remains dusty.

A clean foyer tells anyone visiting your business premises that you are conscious about your image and can make them want to associate with your brand. 

Assess the Cleanliness of the Restroom

The restroom is another part of your business that you should always check for cleanliness. It is often the most sensitive part of public space, and if you are not careful, it can ruin your brand image. When you hire professionals to clean it, ensure that they clean the toilet bowls and empty the sanitary towel containers. You should also check the mirrors and sinks and ensure they have cleaned them thoroughly.

Additionally, verify that they have restocked toilet paper, paper towels, and the other essentials for a positive bathroom experience.

Check the Office Area

The office area will probably be carpeted and have curtains and other forms of upholstery. As such, ensure that the cleaners vacuum the carpets to remove the dust and also steam it regularly. Get them to clean the window curtains and blinds. Additionally, consider asking the professionals to clean the area at least twice a week so that the air quality can remain excellent throughout. 

The crucial thing is choosing a competent cleaning company to clean your business premises. Quality cleaning is good for your business image, which will determine your success level. For more information, contact a company like Janitorial Services Atlanta.

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Keeping Your Business and Home Clean

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