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3 Tips For Better Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Almost all upscale homes will feature hardwood flooring. You can add to the elegance and prestige of your own property by installing hardwood floors in your home.

Before you take the plunge into the world of hardwood, you need to ensure you know how to properly care for this type of flooring. Improper cleaning methods could compromise the integrity of your hardwood floors and leave you with costly repair bills to pay.

1. Know Your Finish

You should never attempt to clean a hardwood floor if you don't know the type of finish that has been applied to the wood slats. The finish can be affected by the cleaning products that you utilize to remove dirt and debris from your floors.

Many residential hardwood floors are sealed with a water- or oil-based polyurethane. These sealants sit on top of the wood and serve as a buffer against potential contaminants. Sealed floors are the easiest to clean and maintain.

If you want hardwood floors that look and feel like raw wood, then you will probably install flooring that has been finished with a penetrating oil. The oils seep into the pores of the wood and become a part of the slats themselves. A penetrating-oil finish requires special cleaning to maintain its integrity over time.

2. Avoid Brooms

The regular removal of dust and debris is a critical part of keeping your hardwood floors in great condition. Dirt particles can actually scratch the surface of your flooring, so a daily sweeping is recommended.

It's important that you don't reach for a broom when you need to eliminate dirt from hardwood flooring. The bristles of the broom can collect dirt and debris, and you may end up scratching the flooring with each sweeping motion. Instead, utilize a microfiber sweeper. The soft microfiber cloth can trap dust and debris without the risk of harming your floors.

3. Minimize Water Exposure

You cannot mop hardwood flooring like you would tile or laminate flooring. Too much water on the surface of a hardwood floor can cause the slats to warp or become discolored. Instead of using a traditional mop and a bucket of water, utilize a microfiber mop and a cleaning agent designed specifically for hardwoods.

This approach to mopping will cleanse your floors without compromising their structural integrity. Reach for a cleaner without heavy chemicals, as these can leave a film on your floors that dulls their appearance.

To learn more about cleaning hardwood floors or hiring professionals to clean your floors for you, contact companies like Leo's Holland Floor Maintenance.

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