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3 Allergens Lingering in Your Carpet

Itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, running nose, nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, and even rashes and inflammation on the skin are all common allergy symptoms. These allergies may affect you during certain seasons only or each day of the year. If you are part of the 50 million people currently affected by allergies, help is available. While it is surprising to learn, many of these allergy symptoms can be eased by cleaning the carpet in your home. This guide will teach you about a few common allergens that are most likely lingering in your carpet and rugs.


You may spend a good amount of time wiping off and polishing furniture and other surfaces, but dust will still be present in the air, eventually falling onto your floors. Vacuuming can remove dust from your carpets and rugs, but it cannot remove dust that has built up deep inside the carpet fibers.

Professional carpet cleaning services provide a more involved cleaning of your carpet, removing dust and other debris that is difficult for the vacuum to remove alone. By vacuuming regularly and having your carpets professionally cleaned, you can reduce the amount of dust in your home, decreasing your allergy symptoms.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are also a common cause of allergy symptoms. These small organisms thrive in warm environments, so they can quickly find a home deep within your carpet fibers.

In addition, dust mites can quickly move through your home, affecting the air you breathe each day. For sufferers of allergies, dust mites in the air will greatly affect your breathing ability, causing enormous discomfort.

Mold Spores

An excessive amount of moisture can increase the risk of mold growth. However, mold can also grow in your carpet and rugs even if the flooring and rugs are dry.

Unfortunately, mold is one of the most dangerous allergens to have in your home. As a matter of fact, breathing in mold can lead to nasal congestion, throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, and asthma, which can affect your breathing ability for long periods of time.

Exposure to mold spores can also irritate your eyes, causing itchiness and watering. Many people who are around mold spores will also develop irritation and rashes on their skin without even realizing they have mold in their homes.

Again, you can vacuum as much as possible, but this will not remove mold spores from your carpet and rugs. A thorough and deep carpet cleaning treatment is essential for ridding your carpet of mold spores. 

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