Keeping Your Business and Home Clean

Floor-Cleaning Tips To Keep Up Your Hardwood And Carpeted Surfaces

Cleaning your home's interior and floors can seem like an endless task with family members, pets, and guests tromping through your home. However, there are some simple rules to help you keep your home's floors clean and prevent wear damage over time. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your floors clean and your home interior ready for any unexpected guests.

Keep Your Wood Floors Clean and Maintained

Hardwood floors look elegant and warm as their finish produces a natural shine that illuminates your home interior. However, hardwood floors need some specific care to keep them looking their best, as they are coated in a protective finish. But if dirt and particles are left on the floor as you walk upon it, the floor's surface will become scratched with tiny scratches. Over time, these scratches build up and make your floor look dull and less-shiny as the finish becomes damaged.

To prevent this it is necessary to keep your hardwood floors swept clean daily. You can use a dry mop or a traditional broom and dust pan to remove traces of dust and dirt tracked in. After you have removed the particles of dirt and dust, mop them once a week with a water and vinegar solution to keep them residue and stain-free. If any water spills upon your hardwood floors, be sure to wipe it up immediately to keep the wood from absorbing the liquid and forming a stain.

To further prevent floor damage to the surface of your hardwood, place rugs around corners and other heavy traffic intersections in your home. This helps minimize floor-surface scratching, especially if you have pets who have claws that can scratch your floor's surface. Rugs also help your pets out by giving them traction as they round the corners on the slippery hardwood surface.

Keep Your Carpets Clean and Stain Free

Your carpets are a soft surface in your home that helps minimize noises and echoing and can keep your feet warm in the winter. However, carpet fibers can collect and hold in dirt and dust that, over time act as tiny razors to the surface of your carpet fibers causing them to become scratched. These small scratches build up to make your carpet appear dull and dirty when it is only damaged.

Prevent this type of carpet damage and dull appearance by vacuuming your home's interior several times each week, more often in high traffic areas and if you have an increased amount of visitors or pets. Then, call a professional carpet cleaning service, like Steamology Carpet and Tile Cleaning, to remove any stains and spots that have formed in the carpet. They can also treat to remove stubborn pet stains from accidents within your carpet.

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