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Did Your Senior Mom's House Flood During A Recent Storm? 4 Safety Tips To Follow When Dealing With Water Damage

House floods are one of the worst types of water damage emergencies. Not only does storm water carry dirt, mold and bacteria inside, but you must also contend with repairing any areas of the house that contributed to the flood. While your mom might like to help with the clean up, it is simply not safe for a senior to be exposed to flooding conditions. Therefore, find your mom a safe place to stay such as with another family member while you use these tips to ensure your safety as you begin the process of restoring her house back to livable conditions.

Be Aware of Electrical Areas

You must always be aware of the potential for floodwater to reach the electrical areas of your mom's house. Keep in mind that you may not always be able to see where wires or outlets are located. For this reason, you need to avoid standing directly in floodwater, and you should shut off power to the flooded area until water damage restoration professionals are able to assess the safety of the scene.

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

When you arrange for water damage restoration services, the crew will handle the bulk of the clean up. However, you may choose to stay nearby to let them know about what you want done with specific items. Make sure to wear sturdy, non-skid shoes to prevent falls.

Use Caution Lifting Water Soaked Items

If you help with the clean up, you must remember that water soaked items are often heavier than they are when they are dry. Avoid lifting items such as wet carpet, large blankets and furniture yourself. Instead, ask someone to help you team lift the items that you need to move, and always practice the proper lifting posture.

Focus on Mold Prevention

You must act quickly after a flood because mold and mildew begin to grow within only a day or two in the right conditions. While you may be able to remove some of the surface water, you must make sure that every surface is completely dry. Professional water damage restoration services involve using special tools such as dehumidifiers to eliminate the moisture that contributes to mold growth.

Dealing with a house flood is devastating, but the steps you take now can preserve many parts of your mom's property. By knowing how to help her conduct a safe and effective clean up, you can look forward to helping her move back into a dry and mold-free home. 

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