Keeping Your Business and Home Clean

4 Areas That Deserve Some Cleanliness And Decluttering

If you allow clutter to continue to build up day after day without attending to it, you will quickly have a huge mess on your hands. It is for this reason that you should consider decluttering on a daily basis. You are probably thinking that you don't have the time or the energy to declutter on a daily basis; however, it only takes a few minutes to do it, which is nothing compared to an entire day of cleaning if you allow it to control your space (and eventually your life). Here are a few different areas that you should consider decluttering each day:

1. Your Purse.

Your handbag holds a lot of important things, such as your keys, but it also holds other things that you may need throughout the day, such as your money, lipstick, etc. So it pays to have an organized purse. Throughout the day, your purse will likely accumulate receipts and other trash. Take a few minutes at the end of the day to remove any trash and anything else that you won't need the following day.

2. Your Workspace/Desk.

Regardless of whether you work in an office, studio, workshop, at home, or somewhere else entirely, you need to be working in a clean area. This not only helps you stay healthier, but it also helps you be more productive work-wise. Before you leave work at the end of the day, or at the beginning of each work day, put items back in their proper places and dispose of any trash that may be on your desk.

3. Your Kitchen Counter.

While you may not spend the bulk of your time in the kitchen, it doesn't take long for your kitchen counter to become cluttered and look like you literally live in it 24/7. Before you know it, you have a whole lot more than small kitchen appliances and dishes on your countertops. In fact, you will notice that you have unread mail, books, and mini projects all spread out on your kitchen countertops, which is definitely not where any of these items belong. Try to make sure that nothing is on your kitchen countertops unless it actually belongs in the kitchen.

4. Your Kitchen Sink.

After having dinner at night, you may be so tired from the day that you don't feel like washing and drying your dishes. However, if you leave them in the sink, they will leave you feeling disorganized and stressed. Plus, it just looks terrible. And, if you do it one day, you will likely do it the next day, then the next, and so on. Try to wash, dry, and put up your dishes each night or morning.

When the rest of your home has started to get cluttered or dirty and you simply don't have the time on your hands to mess with it, you may want to consider calling in for some professional assistance from a service like Squeaky Clean.

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Keeping Your Business and Home Clean

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