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Apple-Sauce Got On The Carpet Again

Most small children seem to love applesauce, which is great because it is a semi-healthy food that provides them with a serving of fruit at the same time. However, the big downside to applesauce is that it rarely seems to just stay on the table, spoon and in the mouth of your little one. For some reason, apple sauce seems to spread very easily and can make its way onto your carpet before you can blink. Here are the applesauce carpet cleaning steps you need to memorize if you have a little one who loves applesauce.

#1 Go For The Scoop

When applesauce gets on the floor, the first thing that you should do is go for the scoop. That means taking a clean spoon and scooping up as much applesauce as possible into the nearest trash can. This is the fastest and most effective way to deal with applesauce; by cleaning it up the moment you see it hit the floor.

#2 Create Some Soap

However, you can't always catch applesauce as it hits the floor, as it is a very sneaky food substance. If the apple sauce has been sitting for a while, you need to go straight to the soap. Make a nice, watery and soapy dish wash solution, and then use a rag or a sponge to apply this soapy solution to the applesauce in question that is on the carpet. Do a little blotting and very light scrubbing, trying your best not to push the applesauce further into the carpet fibers. Hopefully, this will pull up and remove most of the apple sauce from your carpet.

#4 Use The Ammonia For Serious Stains

If you have a serious applesauce stain on your carpet that has somehow snuck past your and is just sitting there getting hard, you may need to go for the ammonia. Just keep in mind that ammonia smells pretty strong, so you may want to open up the windows and put on a mask when using it.

Put a little bit of ammonia on the spot in question and let it sit for a few minutes. Then use a clean damp rag to blot at the ammonia spot. The applesauce should break right up and lift right up once you get to the ammonia last-resort step.

#5 Fluff Your Carpet With The Vacuum

Finally, use your vacuum to fluff up the carpet, give it a new life and help it dry effectively. Vacuuming is a great last step when doing any type of stain removal, as it will help ensure that the carpet fibers don't get stuck or ground into the ground and can remove any last particulates that may be left behind that you can't see, of the applesauce in this instance. 

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