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It's Never Too Late: 4 Steps To Deep-Cleaning Your Home

If you haven't done your spring cleaning yet, don't panic. Summer may be here, but there's still plenty of time to tackle the deep home cleaning. Luckily, deep-cleaning doesn't depend on the season. It just depends on some good, old elbow grease. Surface cleaning is a great way to keep your home clean on a day-to-day basis. However, to get your home truly clean, it's going to need at least one deep-cleaning each year. Here are four steps you can take to get your home really clean.

Get Rid of the Dust

You might not have noticed, but you probably have dust all through your home. Even if you dust your furniture once a week, you could still have dust on your baseboards, crown molding, window frames, and even your air vents. For a deep clean, you'll need to get rid of the dust. Use a microfiber duster to remove the dust from those hard-to-reach spaces. For maximum removal, spritz your duster with window cleaner. The window cleaner will help the dust cling to the duster better.

Go Heavy on the Vacuum

You probably use your vacuum on a weekly basis; more, if you have kids or pets. However, when it comes to the deep-cleaning, you'll need to use your vacuum in a few other places, as well. First, vacuum your carpeting thoroughly, including along the baseboards. Next, use your vacuum with the hose attachment to get up in the corners where you might have few cobwebs. You'll then want to remove the couch cushions, and give your couch a deep cleaning. Finally, pull your refrigerator out, and use your vacuum to clean the coils. If all of this vacuuming is too much for you, consider hiring a company that offers house cleaning services to do it for you.

Disinfect the Surfaces

When it comes to disinfecting your home, you need to include more than just the counters. There are a lot of surfaces that will need a deep cleaning with a disinfectant solution. This should include your trashcans, microwave, hood vent, and toothbrush holders. The best way to make sure you disinfect all the important surfaces is to go room to room. Disinfect every surface that you touch on a regular basis.

Replace the Dirt and Grime Magnets

You might not realize this, but you have a few dirt and grime magnets in your home. Unfortunately, if they're not cleaned or replaced, they can leave you with dirty, smelly air. To prevent that problem, you'll need to replace those dirt and grime magnets. First, remove and replace your furnace filter. Next, remove and replace your refrigerator water filter. If you have a swamp cooler in your home, now's a good time to replace the cooler pads.

It's never too late to give your home a deep-cleaning. Use the tips provided here to get your home clean and sanitary. To keep your home clean year-round, be sure to call a cleaning service near you. They'll take care of the cleaning for you.

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