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Pet Stink In Carpet And How To Remove It Naturally

Pets: you love them; you do not love the urine markings they leave in certain spots of the house. It does not seem to matter what store-bought products you use, your kitties just will not leave these areas alone. You have even had your animals fixed, and they keep returning to some long-forgotten spot where a previous pet peed. Here are some natural remedies recommended by carpet cleaning experts that can help.


Saturate the area with vinegar. Sure, a urine spot smells even less pleasant with vinegar dumped on it, but just wait. Vinegar actually neutralizes cat urine, rendering the smell less offensive. You may still smell a little of the urine because it is trapped by the vinegar and dried in the carpet, but once you scrub the area with a carpet shampoo to remove the vinegar--voila! No urine odor and no vinegar smell can be detected.

Baking Soda Scrub

Take some baking soda and add water to it. Stir it into a thick paste. Use carpet scrub brush to grind the baking soda paste into the carpet. Wait for the entire area to dry. It will be hard and crusty when it is ready, but that is exactly what you want. Take another brush and vigorously brush the area, loosening the dried baking soda from the carpet. The baking soda has encapsulated the urine and pulled it from the fibers. Now just vacuum as you normally would. At the very least, the urine smell should be very faint, if not gone entirely.

Grease-Cutting Dish Soap with Lemon Oil

This very specific soap cleans your carpet while adding a deterrent your cats will hate. Cats, as a rule, do not like citrus smells, and will avoid the area completely. Additionally, the fresh lemony scent smells much cleaner than, well, you know.

Natural Soap Infused with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil

Both eucalyptus and tea tree oil are used to kill bacteria and foul foot odors in humans. Imagine what it does for cat urine embedded in your carpet. Additionally, cats do not like the smell of tea tree oil and eucalyptus, which are very powerful smells to a cat's sensitive nose. They work just as well as bleach for keeping a cat away from an area, but they definitely will not damage your carpet in the same way that bleach can. Just look for an all-natural, clear soap that either has this two extra tree extracts in it, or can be mixed with the essential oils from these trees.

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